The Best Tesla Logo Smart Wall Lighting Signs And Accessories

Smart Lighting Signs

Shipping And Handling

With the ever-present speed and convenience of online shopping, not many people stop to think about the number of touchpoints that are actually required to get a package to their home.

Those touchpoints are pieces of the overall shipping and handling process. When asking “How much does shipping cost?” it’s important to understand that shipping and handling refers to more than just postage.

Handling fees refer to the labor associated with collecting inventory for an order, packing products into a box with the appropriate packaging materials, generating a shipping label, loading the shipment onto a truck, and any other movement that happens in the warehouse.

In other words, handling fees include many steps of the overall order fulfillment process. Handling fees increase as more touch points are required, such as kitting and assembly, gift wrapping, adding customization or inserts, etc.

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The Best Tesla Logo Smart Wall Lighting Signs And Accessories

Tesla logo Sign Different Sizes

Starting from 199 EUR/ piece

Cybertruck Sign

429 EUR/ piece

Easy To Install

Extremely easy to use wall mounting kit
is included into the box.


Top quality 25 watts of RGB`s
with low consumption and high Brightness.

Environmentally Friendly

Friendly Used Materials

Friendly Used Materials

Smart Timer

Timer Will stop the light when
there is no activity around Teslogo.

Smart Auto-Sensing

Integrated sensor will start Teslogo
when you open your garage.

Light Weight

Eco Package

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