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The Refreshed Model S and Model X Are Here

Electrek has obtained more information about Tesla’s new Model S and Model X and some of the smaller changes that have yet to be announced.

Tesla officially unveiled the new Model S and Model X refresh yesterday, but surprisingly, it was sort of in the sidelines of the company’s Q4 2020 financial release.

CEO Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla will hold another call to discuss the new Model S and Model X in more details either later this week or next week.

But in the meantime, Electrek has been finding more information through sources familiar with the new versions of the electric vehicles.

We already did a deeper dive on Tesla’s new steering wheel, which is definitely one of the most interesting changes introduced with the new Model S and Model X.

Now let’s take a look at a few more features and changes that Tesla has yet to announce or get into the details about:

Tesla is moving to phone key with card for Model S and Model X
Like Model 3 and Model Y, Tesla is making the primary key for Model S and Model X your phone through the Tesla app with the updated version unveiled yesterday.

Tesla will supply keycards to set up your phone as the key, and there are sensors on the B-pillar and the phone-charging tray to unlock and power on the vehicles.

However, the automaker still plans to also supply keyfobs for the more premium vehicles.

Tesla Model S and Model X get chrome deletes
Like Model 3 and Model Y, Tesla is not using chrome trims around the windows and door handle, but it’s not the same satin-black brightwork finish as the smaller vehicles.

Tesla instead uses a “premium gloss black finish” for the new Model S and Model X.

New Tesla Model S and Model X battery pack
Tesla is introducing new battery modules and overall pack architecture in the new Model S and Model X, but it’s not the using the 4680 cells nor the structural battery pack announced at Battery Day last year.

In fact, Tesla didn’t even upgrade to 2170 cells, and it is still using the 18650 cells in the Model S and Model X. However, the 18650 have been updated to the latest chemistry.

The changes are mainly focused on thermal performance. For example, the automaker has developed new coolant channels to allow for cross-flow, making temperatures more consistent across each channel inside the battery pack.

There are two main performance improvements that are enabled by the new thermal performance of the new battery pack: faster charging that is now on par with Model 3 and Model Y at 250 kW and repeatability of power out for consistent back-to-back quarter-mile runs or laps.

Cupholders and first-row storage
Tesla has designed some retractable cupholders below the sliding door of the new center console in the new Model S and Model X.

The automaker is also introducing new deep pockets on each front doors.

New Tesla Model S second-row seats
With the Model S refresh, Tesla has redesigned the second-row seat to have a more reclined angle seating position. It also bolsters more headroom and legroom as the first row is now farther forward.

The second-row seats also fold flatter than in the previous version of the Model S.

Also, the new folding center console not only provides an armrest and cupholders, but it also has embedded inductive phone chargers like in the front.

New screens in the new Model S and Model X
Of course, the second row also has now its own screen – making it three screens in the new Model S and Model X.

The main touchscreen center display is now horizontal, but it’s still 17 inches (2 inches bigger than in Model 3 and Model Y), and it is now tilting (left and right).

The new second-row screen is also a touchscreen and the automaker is finalizing the user interface interaction between all the displays.

What about the ‘frunk’?
Tesla has slightly changed the front trunk (frunk) in Model S and Model X to accommodate the new powertrain, but it apparently doesn’t affect the storage space in any significant way.

Tesla Model S and Model X trunk updates
It’s a similar situation for the trunks, which have changed but the overall storage space is roughly the same. In the Model X, you can now fit a full-size set of golf clubs laying horizontally, and the ModelS parcel shelf can now be stored flat in the compartment below the floor of the trunk.

Tesla’s next-generation Airwave climate control
The new Model S and Model X are equipped with Tesla’s next-generation Airwave climate control built on the climate control system first introduced in Model 3.

However, Tesla improved the design and now uses screen and other glass surfaces in the car to direct airflow and create the impression that the air is blowing out of the screens.

It allows for an instrument cluster display while maintaining a complete airflow to the driver, like in Model 3 and Model Y.

The vents are also even better hidden than in Model 3 and Model Y – resulting in a very simple interior.

Force-touch door opening buttons
With the new force-touch door openings, Tesla has also added release handles that should only be used if there are problems with the former.

New tire and wheels
Tesla claims that it is now using new “advanced tires” in the new Model S and Model X that should result in “better rolling plushness” and make the ride even smoother.

New interior sensors in new Tesla Model S and Model X
With the update version, Tesla has introduced the same cabin-facing camera that is found under the rear-view mirror in Model 3 and Model Y.

The new Model S and Model X also comes with an interior radar for intrusion sensing and occupant detection.

New "Giga Press" is coming at Gigafactory Texas

Tesla has taken delivery of a massive “Giga Press,” which is believed to be the world’s largest casting machine, at Gigafactory Texas.

Tesla is going big on casting
In the last few years, Tesla has been focusing on casting technology to produce larger parts of its vehicles in bigger pieces.

It was recently reported that Tesla is now producing the Model Y with one giant rear-underbody that used to be made of 72 parts.

That’s possible due to Tesla’s first press, which was installed at the Fremont factory and put in operation last year. The machine, called Giga Press, is the first of its class and is produced by Idra Group in Italy. It has a clamping force of 55,000 to 61,000 kilonewtons (5,600 to 6,200 tf).

Tesla has introduced another of those massive machines at Fremont factory in September.

Tesla has reportedly ordered many of those machines to deploy at new factories, and now we see one coming to Texas.

Jeff Roberts did a drone flyover of the Tesla Gigafactory Texas near Austin today and spotted Tesla unloading several massive containers from Idra:

The new Giga Press arrives as Tesla is starting to make a lot of progress on its new factory under construction with several structures taking shape over the last few months.

Construction started in July 2020, and the automaker plans to achieve “first completion” in May 2021 with production expected to start shortly after.

Tesla will first produce the Model Y at the factory, and it will be followed by the Cybertruck electric pickup truck.

Earlier this month,Tesla started to ramp up hiring for the new factory, with several new positions related to manufacturing rather than just construction.

Tesla Shanghai New Milestone 500k Cars for 2021

Tesla (TSLA) could surprise with a quicker production ramp than previously expected at Gigafactory in Shanghai, based on a new supply chain report.

At the end of last quarter, Tesla reported a production capacity of 250,000 Model 3 cars at Gigafactory Shanghai in China.

Production is expected to grow greatly in 2021 with the start of Model Y production at the factory.

As we previously reported, Tesla has been doing major construction that is resulting in more than doubling the size of the factory.

Now a new report using anonymous sources, including sources within the supply chain, from China’s 36Kr, claim that Tesla is about to surprise us with even higher production.

They state that Tesla plans to produce 550,000 vehicles, including 300,000 Model 3 cars and 250,000 Model Y cars, at Gigafactory Shanghai in 2021.

When Tesla started building its Gigafactory in Shanghai, in an attempt to reassure people that the automaker wasn’t just shifting production capacity to China, CEO Elon Musk was adamant that it would supply local demand in China and not export to other markets.

Earlier this year, reports coming out of China indicated that Tesla changed its mind and was now planning to start exporting made-in-China Model 3 vehicles to other markets.

It was confirmed last month when Tesla shipped out the first 7,000 made-in-China Model 3 to Europe.

Now the report from 36Kr states that out of the 550,000 cars Tesla plans to produce in China next year, they also plan to export “about 100,000 Model 3 units and 10,000 Model Y units.”

It is unclear where those Model Y vehicles are going to be exported as Tesla has previously said that they would introduce the Model Y in Europe when they would start producing it at Gigafactory Berlin.

Tesla Is Fixing Famous 12 Volt Battery Problem

Elon Musk is teasing a fix to Tesla’s  huge  issue with its 12-volt batteries not lasting long inside its vehicles and more to come regarding the electric architecture.
Like in most cars, the 12-volt battery system in Tesla vehicles powers the lights, media unit, windows, and much more.

Tesla has had a recurring issue with its 12-volt batteries, especially in Model S and Model X.
They have a tendency to die pretty fast – or seemingly faster than in other vehicles.
How fast depends on many factor including climate and how often you drive the vehicle since driving it more often can actually help with longevity.

Unlike several other cars, Tesla is also able to warn that your 12-volt battery is about to die soon , but many owners are getting that warning a bit too often.
CEO Elon Musk addressed the issue in response to an owner last night on Twitter.

Again, there’s already a warning, but it looks like Musk agrees that it could be better and also announces upcoming “major software improvements” to extend the 12-volt battery life in Tesla vehicles.
Futhermore, the CEO teases that they will be “more coming.”

In the past, Musk has talked about Tesla moving away from a 12-volt electric architecture in its vehicles.It was first supposed to be introduced in Model Y, but Musk had to delay the plan to bring the SUV to market sooner.This would be a welcomed improvement for all owners.

Tesla should be  able to extend battery life by better managing the charge of the 12-volt system just like they do for the main propulsion battery inside their vehicles.

The problem doesn’t affect all Tesla owners, but it can be annoying and expensive outside of warranty.In Model S and Model X vehicles, especially earlier versions of the vehicles, the 12v battery is not easily accessible and replacing it yourself can easily take more than hour.
It can take half an hour even for experienced Tesla technicians.

I recently had it replaced on my Model S 2014 and it cost $380  and 2 hours of watching videos on youtube .

Tesla China Deliveries Almost 12000 Model 3

Tesla just announced that in  China sold 11,800 made-in-China Model 3 sedans in August, Reuters reports, while also noting that GM’s micro EV sold 15,000 cars in China. So, in total from these two American automakers alone, we have almost 27,000 EVs sold in one month in China. That’s a huge number !

If we add up the total number of deliveries that Tesla made in China alone, we get 69,178 vehicles that were made in the Shanghai factory so far this year and delivered. Tesla noted that the numbers for August are lower than expected, but that September’s should be higher.

If you look at the trend, you can clearly see the impact that Covid-19 had on Tesla’s deliveries in China. The factory was shut down for a few weeks in China, yet when it reopened, it didn’t take long for vehicles to start pouring out again.

Tesla has been one of the few non-software/virtual companies to thrive despite the pandemic. Many oil and gas companies have struggled. Many have even gone bankrupt. In the face of declining auto sales, however, Tesla surprised those who didn’t believe in it. I think Walt Disney says it best:

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.”

In defiance of the odds and the critics, Tesla’s profit of $105 million and 80,227 in deliveries for the second quarter just proves that Tesla is thriving in the face of global challenges. However it’s not all sunshine and rainbows — without the storms, we don’t get rainbows. Tesla  actually noted that flooding and extreme weather in China had some type of impact on Tesla’s August delivery numbers.

The Japan Times called this the “Big China disaster that you’re missing,” and pointed out that this massive flooding has wiped away billions of dollars of value in China. The hundreds of thousands of levees, dikes, reservoirs, and dams along its major river systems are struggling to cope with the rain-fed flooding that has inundated most of its industrial and agricultural lands. The deluge has also engulfed millions of homes. NPR reported that nearly 4 million people were evacuated or displaced from the flooding. So, it makes sense that, in these cases, many wouldn’t be thinking about purchasing any type of new vehicle, whether it’s a Tesla or something else.

On a more positive note, shared that Q3 is on track for 36,000 made-in-China Model 3 deliveries. My  prediction is that for the third quarter of 2020, Tesla China will produce 42,000 Model 3s and deliver 36,000.

This year has been a pretty challenging one for many people around the world. Tesla’s success is one of the brighter points of this year.

Core New Structural Design For Tesla Cars

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is sharing  some important  changes in the way they make cars — some of which are going to be unveiled at Battery Day later this month and implemented at Tesla Gigafactory Berlin next year.

Over the past few weeks, Musk has been teasing some important manufacturing improvements to be introduced at Tesla Gigafactory Berlin, which is currently under a rapid construction.

He talked about Tesla building “the most-advanced paint shop” at Gigafactory Berlin in order to release new multi-layered paint options for Model Y.

The CEO also teased a “revolution in automotive body engineering” with the Model Y produced in Germany.

Now Musk is in Berlin visiting the factory under construction and again teased the fact that it will be a more advanced factory than what Tesla currently has in the US.

This time, he made more specific comments about a “radical change” to how cars are made:

There’s a bunch of innovative stuff that we will be doing here that we will tell you about in the future. It’s not just a copy of Model Y. It’s actually a radical redesign of the core technology of building a car.”

At Battery Day, they are going to unveil “some of what they are going to be doing in Berlin” in relation to those changes.

Elon also added:

It is going to be the first time that there will be a transformation of the core structural design of the vehicle. It’s quite a big thing.”

Musk didn’t elaborate further on those structural design changes.

Tesla has been focusing more on bigger casting parts to build Model Y bodies with giant pieces with minimum welding required.

They recently took delivery of the world’s biggest casting machine at the Fremont factory and Gigafactory Berlin is expected to have more than one  of the machines.

Battery Day is going to be held on September 22 at a Tesla facility in Fremont, California, and broadcasted on the internet.

Based on Elon’s previous comment about a “revolution in automotive body engineering” at Gigafactory Berlin, he is talking about the body of the vehicle again here.

Maybe we are going to see the first version of this giant vehicle body making machine that Tesla patented last summer.

Tesla Is Opening It`s Biggest Delivery Center

Tesla is set to open a new delivery center with a huge capacity of up to 300 cars a day in China.

In China, Tesla is seeing an impressive demand and with production increasing at Gigafactory Shanghai, the automaker is now able to satisfy the demand.

But it still has to expand its other operations, like charging, delivery, and service, in order to support this new volume and fleet.

According to new local reports, Tesla is planning some new high-capacity delivery centers to help

The first one, called the the Tesla Pudong Delivery Center, is going to be in Shanghai located in the Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone only about 70 km away from Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai.

Here’s a description of the location which is being renovated (via Equal Ocean):

“According to staff, the Pudong Delivery Center once belonged to the Shanghai Free Trade Zone Parallel Imported Cars, which was mainly used as a second-hand car trading showroom, and was later rented by Tesla. The delivery center exhibition hall has a total area of ​​4,512 square meters and is divided into 2 floors. The first floor mainly provides functions such as delivery and display, and the second floor is the office area.”

Tesla is planning to use the location for sale, delivery, and service, but the most impressive thing is the delivery capacity, which is reportedly going to be up to 300 cars per day.

That’s over 100,000 cars per year or just under Tesla’s current overall annual deliveries in China.

Tesla is also even planning a “small car theme park” outside the location, according to local reports.

The automaker has experimented with several different delivery models and even some delivery-only locations and home delivery.

Last year, we reported on Tesla fleshing out a plan for new Tesla centers to open in major metro areas.

The plan is to have large new locations that will operate sales, service, and delivery 7 days a week.

This new location appears to be in line with that plan.

Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai Rapid Progress

There are very exciting news coming from Tesla, Giga, Shanghai, phase two is about ready to rock and roll for Made in China model. Why electric crossover? The phase two is almost ready and things are about to get started. 

We have amazing photos provided from a video from Jason Young, who has been constantly sending video materials. And today it's reported that Tasmania EVAR Fox from Tasmania and reports that construction of Giga Shanghai   continues at a rapid pace. The exterior work is almost completed and equipment installation is underway inside, hinting that the facility, the Giga Shanghai phase two, will soon be operational.


In a few months, we will see Made in China model by rolling out from the assembly line and rocking the local market, sending model Y electric crossovers to the local market in China.


The new drawn video from Jason Young that they just mentioned above YouTube demonstrates the colossal work done by the builders at Tesla, Giga, Shanghai and the result of their work is truly phenomenal.


The main buildings of Giga Shanghai are almost completed by Tesla Phase two AI, also known as Tesla Shanghai Model Y production building appears to be totally finished. The phase one of Giga Shanghai is of course, the model three, which Tesla has been already producing and selling more and more each month in the Chinese market. The phase two is going to be the Giga, Shanghai's model y production building, and that I think in a few months things should be ready.


As you can see on your screen, look at this beautiful picture. Look at how much work they have done. I don't know honestly how much how long it will take the installation of the inside equipment. Maybe it takes a few months, but I think within two or three months or so, surely by the end of the year, God willing, they'll phase two will be ready.


Operational and model Y electric crossovers will enter the Chinese market, evolve, Fox from the says, of course, some work is still pending completion. But in just five months, the territory has turned into a complex of almost entirely completed buildings that has largely got shrunk despite the fact that Phase two of Giga Shanghai is several times larger than phase one. Its construction is proceeding at a faster pace. It's clear that Tesla China is making excellent use the use of its Phase one experience.


I think Tesla is also using an excellent use of its Phase one experience in Berlin and amazingly at Giga, Texas, where it's building a large, huge gigafactory known also as Terra Factory. In fact, after this report, look for another report and video sent by our friend Protect text showing the one month progress of Tesla got Texas. Look how much Tesla has been doing that. Tesla has learned to build factories fast, excellent factories. And I think one time Elon Musk said that the factory is the product of Tesla.


And no wonder Tesla got China's you got Shanghai's phase two is going at the same speed as Giga Berlin, which has been going at an amazing speed. And now we see the same speed and same advance going at Tesla Giga Texas. EVAR Fox from the Tasmanian also says that from the looks of it, the Automotive Motor Workshop is also building a ramp to phase two, a very smart move that could save time getting parts to the model Y assembly line Giga Shanghai

She also says at the moment, internal construction work is underway. The main focus is on equipment installation as the production of Model Y is due to begin in just a few months. By the way, those of you who have been following Giga, Shanghai, phase one, do you know how many months did it take Tesla to do the equipment installation? Inside the buildings and starting to the production.


Made in China model Y will begin rolling off the assembly line at Giga, Shanghai, in early 2021. An unnamed Tesla executive told CLSA that CNN on August 20, just a few days ago. This statement is consistent with information previously received from Tesla. The Factory Gigafactory in Shanghai has already received a giant machine, a Giga press for the production of Model Y and is currently continuing its installation.


There have also been rumors that trial production will begin in late October, in line with estimates of progress in construction. Giga Shanghai order machinery from miracle automation for phase two. Speaking of the trial production, if you remember in phase one when Tesla was getting ready to produce made in China Model 3, Tesla also had a trial production of Model 3. And after it went well earlier this year, Tesla started the mass production of Model three at Giga, Shanghai.


Now it looks like October for trial. Production of Model Y Electric crossover seems very logical. So we'll keep an eye on that and we'll see how things are going in that regard. Now, the first photos of the gargantuan piece of machinery, as well as robots for the upcoming Tesla Model Y electric crossover production line were included in the electric car makers recently released quarter to 2020 update letters. And you have been seeing them on your screen.


The images provided by Tesla prove that the company is indeed hard at work, outfitting the newly constructed building for Model Y production. The facilities casting machine in particular, is very impressive. Commanding a massive space on the factory floor, Tesla did not provide much context about the image, but it appears that the model Y casting machine is all but ready to rock and roll. And overall, the images from Giga Shanghai suggest that model Y production could begin sometime later this year.


This should allow the company Tesla to refine its operations in the Phase two area to such a degree that the facility would be able to support a full production ramp by the first quarter of 2021. 

Tesla Is Pushing Two-Factor Password For The App

Elon Musk says that Tesla is finally going to push two-factor authentication to secure Tesla phone  accounts after what he says as being “embarrassingly late.”

The increasing connectivity in vehicles has made them more subject to hacking in recent years, and there’s no more connected vehicle on the road today than Tesla’s.

Elon has been saying that along with vehicle safety and security, cybersecurity is a priority for the automaker.

After a few people managed to exploit security weaknesses in Tesla vehicles, Musk said preventing a ‘fleet-wide hack’ is Tesla’s top security priority.

Most of the cybersecurity exploits on Tesla vehicles have been related to connecting the vehicle to unprotected Wifi networks, but owners have also been asking for better ways to protect their Tesla accounts.

Musk has been talking about Tesla implementing two-factor authentication in order to secure accounts.

It was supposed to be released last year.

The CEO now says that the feature is in “final validation” and therefore should be pushed to Tesla accounts soon through his Tweeter Account.

The CEO says that the feature is “embarrassingly late.”

Recently, Tesla owners were increasingly asking for the feature after Tesla started offering expensive feature upgrades worth thousands of dollars through its mobile app.

Some Tesla owners were unintentionally buying expensive software upgrades, and some were asking for Tesla to implement a two-factor authentication requirement before processing the purchases.

There are also increasingly releasing more features available through Tesla accounts.

Tesla Gigafactory Texas Is Moving At Plaid Speed

Tesla CEO Elon Musk says that “Gigafactory Texas is happening at full speed” as the automaker is already announcing a lot of job openings.

After Tesla finally confirmed a site next to Austin for its next factory in the US last month, the automaker started moving very fast.

The construction company   has already taken over the site and started ground preparation to clear a huge  space to start construction work .

Originally, Tesla used its  team that worked on other Gigafactories to move forward with Gigafactory Austin Texas , but it now also has to hire a local team for construction and soon production.

Jerome Guillen, Tesla President of Automotive, posted  earlier this week:

Giga Texas is happening, full speed! Lots of job openings. Matt is a great leader and is looking for supply chain experts for large-scale construction. Please apply if you are interested, feel qualified, and want to embrace the project of a lifetime!

“Matt” is Matt Burkholder, Tesla’s director of global supply management, and he is building a new supply management team for Gigafactory Texas.

Tesla has now listed about 50 new job openings for The Gigafactory in Texas.

Most  of them have to do with the construction of the new factory, but Tesla is also looking for environmental engineers, supply chain managers, automation engineers, mechanical engieers, factory design engineers, and more.

The automaker wants to produce the Cybertruck and Tesla Semi electric trucks at the location by the end of next year.

As we previously reported, Tesla is planning to move fast at the new factory and try to keep up with Giga Berlin which is on much higher level of construction but what we see for now is pretty impressive.

Tesla is also planning to produce Model Y and Model 3 vehicles at the factory, the automaker plans on deploying some level of Model Y production at the plant first.

You can check  the latest drone flyover video of the factory site the ground works looks really impressive and it seems like this Tesla biggest plot for gigafactory ever

Tesla Is Hitting 2000 Superchargers Stations !

It's a slow and steady process, but other automakers are far away. Tesla reaching 2000 charging station The charger network is a primary reason many EV shoppers buy a Tesla vehicle. It's not the only reason, of course, but we can tell you that every time a new compelling electric car comes along, one of the first comments people make is that it doesn't have a network like Tesla's. 

Tesla has been building out its proprietary charging network across the globe for years. Currently, there are over 19,000 individual Superchargers at almost over 2000. The company has a goal to make another 500 until the end of the year. The most interesting part is not only the continuous expansion but also the improvement in charging technology and speed.

 Tesla just recently introduced V3 which are capable of delivering 250 kW of power. This means you can add up to 180 miles of range to a Long Range in just 15 minutes. The first brand-new V3 Supercharger station just opened in Las Vegas, though Tesla has and is currently building more V3 stations all around the world. 

 So, where will Tesla's newest stations be located and when will they come online? You can check out the updated maps by visiting Tesla's website.. The upcoming stations are shown in gray. The maps on the site are interactive as well.

Model Y News and Delivery day

We are going to gather here all the information we will find on the Model Y and the deliveries which start at the moment (23h Paris)...

Lots of photos, videos and unpublished information will arrive, stay tuned !
So Tesla surprises us again with this new vehicle. On the program of the novelties: 
Wireless charger included 
Front USB C and USB port 
Rear USB C port 
Electric rear trunk 
Heat pump for heating batteries
Tinted rear windows 
Double deep rear trunk 
Button for folding the rear seats 
No coupling possible 

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