Core New Structural Design For Tesla Cars

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is sharing  some important  changes in the way they make cars — some of which are going to be unveiled at Battery Day later this month and implemented at Tesla Gigafactory Berlin next year.

Over the past few weeks, Musk has been teasing some important manufacturing improvements to be introduced at Tesla Gigafactory Berlin, which is currently under a rapid construction.

He talked about Tesla building “the most-advanced paint shop” at Gigafactory Berlin in order to release new multi-layered paint options for Model Y.

The CEO also teased a “revolution in automotive body engineering” with the Model Y produced in Germany.
Now Musk is in Berlin visiting the factory under construction and again teased the fact that it will be a more advanced factory than what Tesla currently has in the US.

This time, he made more specific comments about a “radical change” to how cars are made:

There’s a bunch of innovative stuff that we will be doing here that we will tell you about in the future. It’s not just a copy of Model Y. It’s actually a radical redesign of the core technology of building a car.”

At Battery Day, they are going to unveil “some of what they are going to be doing in Berlin” in relation to those changes.

Elon also added:

It is going to be the first time that there will be a transformation of the core structural design of the vehicle. It’s quite a big thing.”

Musk didn’t elaborate further on those structural design changes.

Tesla has been focusing more on bigger casting parts to build Model Y bodies with giant pieces with minimum welding required.

They recently took delivery of the world’s biggest casting machine at the Fremont factory and Gigafactory Berlin is expected to have more than one  of the machines.

Battery Day is going to be held on September 22 at a Tesla facility in Fremont, California, and broadcasted on the internet.

Based on Elon’s previous comment about a “revolution in automotive body engineering” at Gigafactory Berlin, he is talking about the body of the vehicle again here.

Maybe we are going to see the first version of this giant vehicle body making machine that Tesla patented last summer.

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