Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai Rapid Progress

There are very exciting news coming from Tesla, Giga, Shanghai, phase two is about ready to rock and roll for Made in China model. Why electric crossover? The phase two is almost ready and things are about to get started. 

We have amazing photos provided from a video from Jason Young, who has been constantly sending video materials. And today it's reported that Tasmania EVAR Fox from Tasmania and reports that construction of Giga Shanghai   continues at a rapid pace. The exterior work is almost completed and equipment installation is underway inside, hinting that the facility, the Giga Shanghai phase two, will soon be operational.


In a few months, we will see Made in China model by rolling out from the assembly line and rocking the local market, sending model Y electric crossovers to the local market in China.


The new drawn video from Jason Young that they just mentioned above YouTube demonstrates the colossal work done by the builders at Tesla, Giga, Shanghai and the result of their work is truly phenomenal.


The main buildings of Giga Shanghai are almost completed by Tesla Phase two AI, also known as Tesla Shanghai Model Y production building appears to be totally finished. The phase one of Giga Shanghai is of course, the model three, which Tesla has been already producing and selling more and more each month in the Chinese market. The phase two is going to be the Giga, Shanghai's model y production building, and that I think in a few months things should be ready.


As you can see on your screen, look at this beautiful picture. Look at how much work they have done. I don't know honestly how much how long it will take the installation of the inside equipment. Maybe it takes a few months, but I think within two or three months or so, surely by the end of the year, God willing, they'll phase two will be ready.


Operational and model Y electric crossovers will enter the Chinese market, evolve, Fox from the Tasmanian.com says, of course, some work is still pending completion. But in just five months, the territory has turned into a complex of almost entirely completed buildings that has largely got shrunk despite the fact that Phase two of Giga Shanghai is several times larger than phase one. Its construction is proceeding at a faster pace. It's clear that Tesla China is making excellent use the use of its Phase one experience.


I think Tesla is also using an excellent use of its Phase one experience in Berlin and amazingly at Giga, Texas, where it's building a large, huge gigafactory known also as Terra Factory. In fact, after this report, look for another report and video sent by our friend Protect text showing the one month progress of Tesla got Texas. Look how much Tesla has been doing that. Tesla has learned to build factories fast, excellent factories. And I think one time Elon Musk said that the factory is the product of Tesla.


And no wonder Tesla got China's you got Shanghai's phase two is going at the same speed as Giga Berlin, which has been going at an amazing speed. And now we see the same speed and same advance going at Tesla Giga Texas. EVAR Fox from the Tasmanian also says that from the looks of it, the Automotive Motor Workshop is also building a ramp to phase two, a very smart move that could save time getting parts to the model Y assembly line Giga Shanghai

She also says at the moment, internal construction work is underway. The main focus is on equipment installation as the production of Model Y is due to begin in just a few months. By the way, those of you who have been following Giga, Shanghai, phase one, do you know how many months did it take Tesla to do the equipment installation? Inside the buildings and starting to the production.


Made in China model Y will begin rolling off the assembly line at Giga, Shanghai, in early 2021. An unnamed Tesla executive told CLSA that CNN on August 20, just a few days ago. This statement is consistent with information previously received from Tesla. The Factory Gigafactory in Shanghai has already received a giant machine, a Giga press for the production of Model Y and is currently continuing its installation.


There have also been rumors that trial production will begin in late October, in line with estimates of progress in construction. Giga Shanghai order machinery from miracle automation for phase two. Speaking of the trial production, if you remember in phase one when Tesla was getting ready to produce made in China Model 3, Tesla also had a trial production of Model 3. And after it went well earlier this year, Tesla started the mass production of Model three at Giga, Shanghai.


Now it looks like October for trial. Production of Model Y Electric crossover seems very logical. So we'll keep an eye on that and we'll see how things are going in that regard. Now, the first photos of the gargantuan piece of machinery, as well as robots for the upcoming Tesla Model Y electric crossover production line were included in the electric car makers recently released quarter to 2020 update letters. And you have been seeing them on your screen.


The images provided by Tesla prove that the company is indeed hard at work, outfitting the newly constructed building for Model Y production. The facilities casting machine in particular, is very impressive. Commanding a massive space on the factory floor, Tesla did not provide much context about the image, but it appears that the model Y casting machine is all but ready to rock and roll. And overall, the images from Giga Shanghai suggest that model Y production could begin sometime later this year.


This should allow the company Tesla to refine its operations in the Phase two area to such a degree that the facility would be able to support a full production ramp by the first quarter of 2021. 

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