Tesla Is Hitting 2000 Superchargers Stations !

It's a slow and steady process, but other automakers are far away. Tesla reaching 2000 charging station The charger network is a primary reason many EV shoppers buy a Tesla vehicle. It's not the only reason, of course, but we can tell you that every time a new compelling electric car comes along, one of the first comments people make is that it doesn't have a network like Tesla's. 

Tesla has been building out its proprietary charging network across the globe for years. Currently, there are over 19,000 individual Superchargers at almost over 2000. The company has a goal to make another 500 until the end of the year. The most interesting part is not only the continuous expansion but also the improvement in charging technology and speed.
 Tesla just recently introduced V3 which are capable of delivering 250 kW of power. This means you can add up to 180 miles of range to a Long Range in just 15 minutes. The first brand-new V3 Supercharger station just opened in Las Vegas, though Tesla has and is currently building more V3 stations all around the world. 

 So, where will Tesla's newest stations be located and when will they come online? You can check out the updated maps by visiting Tesla's website.. The upcoming stations are shown in gray. The maps on the site are interactive as well.

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