Tesla Is Pushing Two-Factor Password For The App

Elon Musk says that Tesla is finally going to push two-factor authentication to secure Tesla phone  accounts after what he says as being “embarrassingly late.”

The increasing connectivity in vehicles has made them more subject to hacking in recent years, and there’s no more connected vehicle on the road today than Tesla’s.

Elon has been saying that along with vehicle safety and security, cybersecurity is a priority for the automaker.

After a few people managed to exploit security weaknesses in Tesla vehicles, Musk said preventing a ‘fleet-wide hack’ is Tesla’s top security priority.

Most of the cybersecurity exploits on Tesla vehicles have been related to connecting the vehicle to unprotected Wifi networks, but owners have also been asking for better ways to protect their Tesla accounts.

Musk has been talking about Tesla implementing two-factor authentication in order to secure accounts.

It was supposed to be released last year.

The CEO now says that the feature is in “final validation” and therefore should be pushed to Tesla accounts soon through his Tweeter Account.

The CEO says that the feature is “embarrassingly late.”

Recently, Tesla owners were increasingly asking for the feature after Tesla started offering expensive feature upgrades worth thousands of dollars through its mobile app.

Some Tesla owners were unintentionally buying expensive software upgrades, and some were asking for Tesla to implement a two-factor authentication requirement before processing the purchases.

There are also increasingly releasing more features available through Tesla accounts.

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